About PIC

PIC (Post Industrial Crafts) is the rebirth of craftsmanship in the digital fabrication age

Our Story

PIC works in typologies, selflessly, to make useful, simple objects true to their material and process, with a sculptural presence consequent to a minimalistic \ mono-material approach.

Located at the heart of the Cité du Design in Saint Etienne- France, PIC bespoke approach to design makes us as much as artisans as we are designers.

Each object, each structure is approached with curiosity, research and skill. Our unique craftsmanship techniques are developed through years of research and invention of know-hows. Our creations are produced with a conscious and thoughtful approach of future impact on next generations.

Elemental Chair by PIC

PIC crafts products and places that are unique and embody the Philosophy driven by emergent objects. PIC’s commitment to responsible production, ensures that the localized manufacturing is conscious and sustainable, fostering the regions PIC operates in and communities PIC partners with.

Therefore our name : Post Industrial Crafts as an expression of the way we conceive and produce our creations, initiating a new creation and production movement.

Folding Chair and Table by PIC

Digitally Crafted to last a lifetime

PIC’s approach is characterized by its accent on innovation and exploratory attitude to materiality, technology and color. From these areas of focus emerge solutions and designs that reflect the close relationship of our work with industrial, craftsmanship processes and new technologies.

While retaining elemental simplicity, our work evokes a love of progressive design mixed with a genuine sense of joy in the unexpected, imbuing objects and structures with both intellectual and sensorial pleasure linking us back to what is essential.