PIC to reveal the Hexapod at France Design Week

Situated within the Quartier Créatif Manufacture / Cité Du Design during France Design Week in an Exposition entitled “De la Manufacture Impériale d’Armes de guerre à la Galerie nationale du design, 1864-2025“, The Monohex Pod will represent the latest advancement within Post Industrial Crafts’s Geodesic Series.

This POD is a 3D printed evolution inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s iconic geodesic structures. It is meticulously constructed using a large-scale robotic 3D printer, building it cell by cell and connecting these cells with precision using recycled aluminum connectors.

All these cells are exclusively 3D printed from 100% recycled plastic material. They are not only stackable but also exhibit UV resistance, hold a class B fireproof rating, and are designed for effortless assembly.

The versatility of the Monohex Pod extends to its ability to incorporate various features, such as planters, screens, shelves, benches, and tables, all of which can be seamlessly embedded within any selected cell, enhancing its functionality and aesthetics.

Each Monohex Pod has the potential to be utterly unique, as the entire set of digital fabrication files originates from a single code that can be adjusted in real time based on specific parameters like diameter and thickness.

The Pod’s applications are diverse, serving as a booth, a gathering point, a pergola, a kiosk, and it is currently in the process of being developed into a greenhouse, with the ultimate goal of becoming a self-contained hotel room.

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